Plan B & Linux Support

Since the Kickstarter campaign didn’t reach the funding goal I’ve been looking at alternatives…

Below is ‘plan B’ – with estimated dates for completion.

* Set up a method for players to pre-purchase and register the game at – using similar tiers and rewards that I used for Kickstarter for a limited time (the $1 and $10 tiers will go away and the $25 tier will drop to $20) . Once you pre-purchase you are entitled to all future releases and enhancements of the game. [done by July 1]

* Add a forum for all registered players at [July 1]

* Release a playable demo – it will be a single scenario around one planet against the AI – with a subset of available weapons. [July 13]

* Release the first paid version. At first the paid version will just be the demo with multiplayer enabled (co-op or pvp). [July 13]

Thank you again for all your support and I’ll continue to post updates here and at

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3 Responses to Plan B & Linux Support

  1. markus baur says:

    cant wait for the sign up .. 😎 .. as said before i will pre-purchase at the same level as i pledged .

  2. Bibi says:

    I think $15 would be optimum. It’s roughly what was charged for Minecraft, and based on experience, it’s just cheap enough that someone who is curious will be willing to pay, even if they’re not sure. The purchaser would see it as a huge deal, considering the game will be, $30 on release? Although, given what happened, I can understand the reasons to charge what you posted.

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