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Video Update & Initial Game Point-of-View

I updated the About page to better reflect my goals for the reboot.

I also posted a tech demo video of what the initial start of TorchShips will look like. The POV (point of view) is your own spacesuit equipped with a MMU (manned maneuvering unit) – mouse to head-look, WASD to rotate your suit, T to thrust in whatever direction you are facing.

All movement is Newtonian – facing direction doesn’t matter unless thrust is applied, objects in motion stay in motion.

The scenario takes place in a crowded asteroid ring system around a planet.  Your initial goal is to upgrade your MMU with weapons and improved propulsion, and then eventually find and command much more capable space combat vehicles scattered across the system. A cataclysmic event has reset the space based civilization in orbit and the survivors must rebuild and locate existing resources to survive.

Spacesuit or FPS based combat is not the main focus of TorchShips (see Shattered Horizon for that) but the core POV will be you in your suit, at least to start. As you find and board more capable craft your UI and capabilities will improve.

The tech demo is using Unity3D.


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