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I’ve posted a new short video of the updated spacesuit helmet cam. You wont’t spend a lot of time in a spacesuit in TorchShips but you will need some basic instruments to navigate and check status before you acquire a more capable vehicle.

Displays are at chin level. Left side is consumables – power, deltaV, maneuvering thruster fuel, and life support.  Center display is courseline, your current vector. Right side is selected target display.

I’m assuming ~50 years ahead (equivalent not calendar time) for initial suit tech – most common comfort/usability issues  are solved (gloves, flexible joints, etc) . It will be a skinsuit with attached armor over critical points. The armor is mainly to protect against impacts and/or tears. You can see more info on spacesuit design at Atomic Rockets.

The challenge I’m facing is finding good 3d models of this type of suit. I’m using one of the free NASA spacesuit 3d models for the POV (the camera is inside the suit helmet bowl) right now, but would like to have a more realistic look for the demo. Please contact me directly if you know anyone or company doing interesting work with spacesuit 3d models – I’m looking for a realistic design with skinsuit, some armor panels, and a manned maneuvering unit with appropriate thrusters attached.

Some initial thoughts on the capabilities of your suit.

  • 500 m/s available deltaV (for comparison sake – the NASA SAFER system has a deltaV of 3 m/s, MMU is ~25 m/s, the Air Force AMU had 76 m/s deltaV)
  • life support good for 48 hours
  • basic thermal and optic passive sensors, no active systems in base suit
  • each individual suit can have very different color schemes and heraldry


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  1. John says:

    Actually, I like the suits on Red Planet. If you combine them with the MMU on the Discovery One suits from 2001, I think you would have a viable system.

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