Demo version 0.001 released

Torchships ‘Candle’ is an experiment in simulating exploring and fighting in space. It will begin with individual movement inside a small starting space station, progress from there to EVA, and then on to larger and more capable spacecraft.

This demo is a first test of newtonian movement in zero g inside a small station and inflatable hab.

Latest info at

If you see issues or bugs please leave them at the issue tracker at

Current demo version 0.001

Windows PC Demo Download

Mac Demo Download


* Mouse for pitch and yaw.

* WASD for thrust forward/backward – left/right

* Q & E for roll

* R & F for thrust up and down

* Tab key to show fps and memory values

* Esc key to pause/resume


* No audio.

* No interaction with objects or the station.

* Can’t leave the inside of your starting station for now.

* Velocities and thrust levels are not final values, will adjust to be more realistic.

* No consumables.

* Angular movement is damped over time as you move.

Next Priorities

* User defined keyboard and controls mapping

* HOTAS support

* first person body with ik and hands

* VR test

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  1. m says:

    Beautiful! And thanks for including a Mac demo.

    BTW if you haven’t seen it, check out Objects in Space.

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