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TorchShips is about living and fighting in space.

It is 3-D tactical space combat based on real physics with procedurally generated single and multi-player missions. It will be released for Windows, Mac and eventually the iPad. (Linux version as well if interest warrants it)

The Game

This isn’t your grandpa’s space fighter. You’re not looking out a grimy cockpit window using a joystick to kill an enemy a kilometer away who flies like they’re an airplane in an atmosphere.

You aspire to be the captain of a corvette class TorchShip powered by a Gaseous core fission / nuclear thermal reaction drive and armed with nuclear missiles, laser cannons, and a kinetic lance. You will maneuver in 3-D space in a crowded gravity well and engage hostiles at ranges of up to 20,000 kilometers.

  • 3-D combat & UI – space is not flat, and neither is TorchShips.
  • Newtonian physics – you maneuver in 3-D space using a reaction drive.
  • Progression based – you start in a small MMU and work up to a TorchShip.
  • Damage & Systems control – detailed damage model and systems control – you’ll  have to manage heat build up, energy, and reaction mass levels.
  • Weapons include your own reaction drive, kinetic lance, missiles/mines, and laser cannons.
  • Procedurally generated single and multi-player skirmish modes.
  • A persistent online world.
  • Customize your ship, name and weapon/system load-out.

Inspirations and Credits

TorchShips is inspired by the novel Ender’s Game, Time for The Stars, CJ Cherryh’s Downbelow Station and her Alliance/Union and Chanur series.

We used the sites listed below as references to get the physics of future space combat as ‘real’ as possible.

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