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Torchships ‘Candle’ is an experiment in simulating exploring and fighting in space. It will begin with individual movement inside a small starting space station, progress from there to EVA, and then on to larger and more capable spacecraft.

This demo is a first test of newtonian movement in zero g inside a small station and inflatable hab.

If you see issues or bugs please leave them at the issue tracker.

Current demo version 0.002

If you already have a previous version installed, please remove/uninstall before downloading the new version.

Windows PC Demo Download

Mac Demo Download


* Mouse for pitch and yaw.

* Keyboard controls configurable in options menu (hit Esc)

* WASD for thrust forward/backward – left/right

* Q & E for roll

* R & F for thrust up and down

* Esc key for menu and to pause/resume


* Performance not optimized – to improve frame quality you can change graphics quality from menu.

* Customization of controls is not saved

* No audio.

* No interaction with objects or the station.

* Can’t leave the inside of your starting station for now.

* Velocities and thrust levels are not final values, will adjust to be more realistic.

* No consumables.

* Angular movement is damped over time as you move.

Next Priorities

* first person body with ik and hands

* simple interactions

* VR test

* HOTAS support